Location: Evergreen
Start Date: October 20th

Busy family located in the beautiful town of Evergreen, just 30 minutes from Denver, is in need of a professional, proactive, drama free  live in nanny to care for their 2 children ages 4 and 8 years old. They need a part time to help with some household duties such as cooking, meal prep, the children’s laundry, sweeping, brushing the dogs and helping get them exercise, and planning fun activities for the kids.     They need a nanny that is a very safe driver and that has experience with caring for children and dogs.
  The nanny will only be needed part time during the school year and full time during the summer. They have had an au pair in the past and are more interested in a live in nanny situation.
  This family is offering room and board in their 4,000 sq.ft. home in the mountains.
They  will also provide the  nanny a car to drive as well as a salary of $1000-$1500/month based on nanny’s experience and qualifications. They also provide food for the nanny to eat.
The nanny would have her own private entrance, private room and bathroom in the basement. Mom and dad do work from home so a nanny that is comfortable with this is a must.
 This job is ideal for a nanny who is taking online classes or an older nanny who can have time off during the day to explore the mountains. They are looking for a nanny to become part of their family and ideally stay for a long time.
Please apply if you meet the nanny requirements.

                                                              ~FULL-TIME LIVE OUT NANNY JOBS~

 Location: Boulder
Start date: ASAP
Professional parents are looking for an organized, self -starter, honest, reliable nanny to help run their household and care for their twin 2 year old. This family needs a nanny who knows how to run a household. This includes keeping the baby supplies stocked and organized as well as food and other household supplies.
The nanny will be helping mom with the twins part of the time and running errands, cooking, and doing household duties the other half. This family needs a nanny that can travel quite a bit with them, which is a great perk for a nanny that has a flexible schedule and that is willing to travel several weeks out of the year. They travel to the mountains for several weeks in the winter as well to other states and possibly to Europe. The nanny will have her own room and bathroom when traveling and sometimes her own apartment. This family needs a nanny that is willing to work some weekends as well.
The job could easily be over 40 hours a week if the nanny wanted.
This family has no pets and mom is very sensitive to fragrances and pet hair, therefore a nanny who is conscious of this is a must.
 They currently have a nanny who has been with them for over a year and would love to find another long term nanny.
This family is offering great benefits of traveling as well as acquired paid holidays and vacation days as well as bonuses. They know what it means to take care of their nanny!!!
If you have at least 2 years of toddler nanny experience and know how to keep a household organized and running, please apply for this position at www.superior-nannies.com

Patient, Fun, Loving, Infant and Toddler experienced nanny needed
 Location: Broomfield
Start Date: Sept. 7th.

 Patient, loving, fun, proactive, professional nanny needed for 2 and 5 year old girls and baby due in November. This growing family is losing their current nanny due to her moving out of state. She has been with them for 1.5 years and they are sad to see her leave.
This is an amazing family to work for as they treat their nanny like family.
They are offering between $15-$18/hr with a review after 6 months and an annual review and performance based raises. They offer 5 weeks of paid vacation, must coincide with theirs and paid holidays as well.
This fun, easy going family needs a nanny to care for their sweet, playful girls Mon, Wed., Fri. from 7:30am-5pm and Tu., Thu. from 10:15-5pm. They do need a nanny that can be flexible as these hours are not always exact.
They need the nanny to drive the kids places and they do provide a car for this. The nanny will be required to tidy up the kids areas, do laundry for the kids and meals for the kids. Mom does work from home so a nanny that is comfortable with this is a must! Their fun 5 year old will be in kindergarten full days during the school year so the nanny will mainly be caring for the 2 year old from Sept. 7th- 1st of March when mom goes back to work from maternity leave.  Then the nanny will have the 2 year old and baby. The nanny will be responsible for picking the 5 year old up from school and taking her to gymnastics.
This family likes a nanny that wants to take the kids out to fun activities daily and enjoys being in the community.
The parents are looking for a nanny that can use the same type of parenting of Love and Logic, give lots of hugs, pretend play, do arts and crafts and play outside.
If you think you could be their next amazing nanny then please fill out the nanny application.

                                                                          ~PART TIME NANNY JOBS~

Returning Superior Nannies family needs an experienced proactive nanny
Start date: August 15-21
Location: Denver
Wonderful returning Superior Nannies family is looking for a proactive, calm, loving professional nanny to care for their 2 children ages 7½ and 4 ½ years old Mondays, Wednesdays ,and Thursdays from 12:30-5pm and Tuesdays from 8am-5pm. They would also like a nanny that could work 6-7 Fridays during the year from 8am-5pm. They would give the nanny plenty of advance notice for the Fridays.
Their current nanny has been with them for 3 years and can no longer stay as they have been living in Boulder and are now moving to Denver. This goes to show what a great family they are. This family enjoys spending time outdoors (hiking, walking, skiing, playing). They try to have a predictable, calm schedule for the kids so they are not over-programmed - ie downtime is as important as activities. They do not have a TV and try to have the kids watch as little media as possible – they encourage art, board games, creative/imaginative play as much as possible. They maintain a vegetarian kitchen. They are a traditionally observant Jewish family and Jewish holidays and customs are central to their family life.
Parenting style:
They try to treat their children with respect and acknowledge their feelings and emotions if they are upset about something. They do not generally use punishments or time-outs, but rather try to remind them of the natural consequences of their actions (eg. if you are banging the spoon on your bowl and making a racket, I am going to have to take the spoon away). When there is a conflict between the two children, they try to hear each side of the story and then encourage them to come up with a solution (eg. I will use this toy for 5 minutes and then you can use it). Often, even if they suggest the solution, it helps the children to resolve the conflict and move on.
 This family has very few sugary snacks and instead emphasize fruits, vegetables, and the like.
Nanny qualities:
They are looking for a long-term nanny for a year and more, the right fitting nanny is most important , they can work out the details once they find a great fit. The nanny will be required to drive the children places and will be reimbursed for mileage. They would like a nanny who is proactive, calm, kind, patient, reliable and who can arrange play dates for the children as well as different classes for them to attend.
 A nanny who can get outside and go down slides and run up and down hills with the kids is a must!
This generous family offers 5 paid holidays and 8 vacation/sick days.
They do not offer their current nanny health insurance but are willing to work that out if the nanny needs.

Location: Arvada
 Start Date: ASAP
Professional first time parents are looking for a reliable, infant experienced nanny to care for their baby girl that is due June 12th. Mom will be going back to work part time in mid August and is looking for a professional, responsible nanny that has at least 2 years of experience caring for infants.
They also have a cat that is a big part of the family and need a nanny that is very comfortable around cats. They need a nanny Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 7:30a.m-3:30 p.m.
They require the nanny to have a good driving record, be a non smoker, honest, ambitious, attentive, caring and motivated.
They are open to discuss paid holidays and vacation days.
 If you have more than 2 years of infant experience, are a self starter, and are looking for a part time job then please apply at http://superior-nannies.com/ under the for nannies tab.

Nanny/Mothers helper needed
 Location: Superior
 Start Date: ASAP
Nanny or mother’s helper is needed for a 1 and 6 yr old starting ASAP. Mom will need help Monday-Friday from 4:30 or 5pm-8pm 3-5 days a week. They ideally need a nanny 3 days a week but if the nanny needs more hours they could do 5 days a week. Also a nanny that could do some date nights and some weekends would be wonderful.
 Mom will be home most of the time except to run an errand here and there. The nanny will usually have only one child at a time but occasionally will have both. The nanny will also be responsible for helping with light household duties such as laundry, dishes and dinner prep and possibly bath time.
This professional family is offering an hourly rate of $15-$17/hr, based on the nanny’s experience with infants and experience as a nanny . Mom is ideally looking for a mother’s helper but is open to a professional nanny as well.

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